Hind Bin Al Sheikh & Partners Law Firm

Insurance Law

Insurance Law can be split into many sub-specialisms.
We mainly deal with insurance against the destruction of assets, and insurance against mistakes made by professionals. Insurance cases vary and can range from small local cases to massive international disputes.

We provide legal advice about an insurance claim as Insurance companies may offer you less than what you deserve.
While every case is unique, you need us when:

  • Suing an insurer for insurance contract-related issues.
  •  Identifying a fair settlement amount in a personal injury case.
  •  Forcing compliance against insurance companies in civil court.
  •  Establishing if your claim was denied in bad or good faith.

Receiving adequate insurance coverage is not always a straightforward process. These cases are complicated. We will help you make sense of your legal options and risks when making decisions.

There are several types of insurance claims that you can file through your insurance companies, including home, health, car, disability, liability, and property and casualty insurers and we cover all aspects related to them and much more.

We work on behalf of insurance companies or consumers. Both types of representation are vastly different. However, we are still handling many of the same essential strategies such as:

  • Collect and review the facts of the case.
  •  Identify at-fault parties and hold them accountable.
  •  Determine the fair value of an insurance claim.
  • Research local laws.
  •  Handle negotiations and communications on behalf of the client
  • Represent the clients’ case in civil court if necessary.
  • Provide ongoing legal advice to clients and more.
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