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Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property rights cover all kinds of human creations, such as literary and artistic works of all kinds, whether written, visual, or audio, as well as inventions, patents, and trademarks.

Types of intellectual property laws:

  • Copyright: protects literary and artistic works, such as books, musical compositions, lyrics, and melodies, films, television programs, software, drawings, and photographs.
  • Patents: protects inventions and new ideas that can be applied in products or industrial processes and thus generate income.
  • Trademarks: protects the names of companies and commercial projects, trademarks, logos, and designs that identify the products or services offered by a person or company.
  • Trade secrets: protect confidential information that gives the owner a competitive advantage, such as recipes, production techniques, and business plans.

How can we serve you in this field?
We provide all the legal services necessary to protect your intellectual rights. We provide legal advice, and we help you with the processes of registering your output and creativity documenting its attribution to you and registering patents. We also draft legal contracts related to the sale or lease of your services with fixed-term contracts that guarantee your rights and the rights of the other parties, without infringement. We also represent you in the best legal way in the event of a legal dispute, and we strive for you to achieve the best possible outcome.

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