Hind Bin Al Sheikh & Partners Law Firm

Labor Law

It is the necessary legal frame to regulate the contractual relationship between the two parties, the employee and the employer, aiming to determine the rights and duties of each party in the work environment, and to provide protection for workers and ensure that they are not subjected to any exploitation of their efforts or violation of their rights and humanity.
Considering that organizing labor law relationships may involve some complexities, we are fully prepared to assist you in all matters related to the legal aspects of labor, employment, and recruitment through:

  •  Legal advice.
  • Employment contracts.
  • Incentive and reward programs.
  • Leaves and vacations.
  • Bullying and harassment.
  • Termination and end of service.

Our team is equipped with the most skilled lawyers specialized in labor law and its details. We are ready to help you with your needs whether you are a firm or a worker.

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