Hind Bin Al Sheikh & Partners Law Firm

Telecommunications & IT

The laws and regulations governing communications vary from one country to another. However, the fundamentals are largely similar. The majority of these laws aim to control and restrict the services provided and determine what people can access. They also focus on regulating the competitive process between companies and preventing monopolies.

If you are a radio, print, or internet media company, or if you provide television or satellite services, our team is fully prepared to provide legal advice at all stages, including establishment, incorporation, merger, and acquisition operations, and other technological investments, while considering all relevant regulations and legal rules applicable in the intended country. 

We are committed to complying with various laws, regulations, and legislations, and it is our priority to ensure that communications do not interfere with national security and that we do not provide services that infringe on anyone’s privacy, whether an individual, family, or institution.

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