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AI advocacy

Based on our strong and constant commitment to keeping pace with the wheel of development and staying up to date with the latest complex technologies, which are developing at an accelerated pace, we have made sure that our team includes lawyers specialized in the field of AI. This qualifies us to manage and reduce the risks associated with our clients’ dealings, about all AI interactions.

What services do we provide in this field?

  • Legal advice: We provide specialized legal advice in the field of AI. We understand the legal challenges associated with it. We guide you and help you protect your interests and provide comprehensive legal solutions for individuals, companies, and institutions that deal with AI technology and innovations. Whether you are starting to develop an AI application or need legal advice on intellectual property, privacy, and data regulation issues, we are ready to provide the necessary advice and assistance by local and international laws and regulations relating to this technology.
  • Contract drafting: We help you draft and review contracts, such as licensing, development, and partnership agreements. We analyze and identify the terms, conditions, and potential legal risks.
  • Privacy and security: The use of AI requires access to large amounts of sensitive legal data. This data must be protected and the privacy of the personal information used to train AI systems must be maintained. Our legal team is equipped to assist you in cases involving any violation or misuse of your personal, financial, or other sensitive information and data.
  • Intellectual property protection: AI poses a major challenge to intellectual property and copyright rights, due to its ability to access vast amounts of data analyze it at an ultra-fast speed, and build its responses on it. In this context, we provide our services either against AI developers, if a client claims that his intellectual and copyright rights have been violated and used without his consent in developing the responses of AI software. We examine the evidence, assess the violation, and investigate the validity of the alleged claim, to provide the necessary legal support based on the proven damage. We also provide legal protection for the rights of AI software and patents associated with it that can be protected by intellectual property rights. We help clients in the processes of protecting, registering, and documenting their inventions, innovations, and literary or artistic productions, which prevents unauthorized exploitation.
  • Legal representation: We are your best legal partner in all disputes related to AI technology, whether as plaintiffs or defendants. We are ready to study your problem and case thoroughly and provide legal support in all stages of the dispute and by all legal means, starting with mediation and arbitration and ending with referring the case to the competent court for consideration and issuing the final judgment. We work to provide the necessary arguments, evidence, and legal documents to protect your rights and interests from any violation.

Do not hesitate to contact us and benefit from our advanced legal expertise.

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