Hind Bin Al Sheikh & Partners Law Firm

Dispute Resolution

Our team is committed to providing specialized services in the field of dispute resolution, aiming to achieve the legitimate interests of our clients through all necessary legal means and throughout all stages of the dispute. Our Services includes:

  • Legal Advice: We offer our clients the necessary advice and appropriate opinions when a dispute arises between parties. We meticulously analyze the presented case and provide the client with precise and transparent legal options.


  • Mediation: We are prepared to mediate between disputing parties and act as neutral intermediaries, to assist clients in reaching a mutually satisfactory resolution. We consistently encourage the resolution of conflicts through amicable and negotiation-based approaches before resorting to legal proceedings.

  • Arbitration: We provide comprehensive legal support throughout the arbitration process, starting from case preparation and presentation before the arbitration panel, all the way through sessions and pleadings. We work to represent the client’s interests optimally at every stage. After the issuance of the final decision by the arbitration panel, we ensure the necessary support to our clients in enforcing the rendered decision, thereby guaranteeing justice and the realization of the client’s legitimate interests.

  • Legal Representation: If the dispute continues and litigation becomes inevitable, we offer legal representation services before courts and various judicial bodies. We strive to familiarize ourselves with all aspects of the case, provide necessary documents, arguments, and evidence, and defend the client’s rights until the last moment, aiming to achieve the best possible outcome.
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