Hind Bin Al Sheikh & Partners Law Firm

Hotel & tourism

Our Firm provides a range of legal services in the tourism sector, including:

  • Incorporation: We provide legal advice for formatting a tourism company, including choosing the legal form of the company, drafting and organizing the articles of association by the regulations and legislation in the target country, and registering the company with the relevant government authorities.
  • Obtaining the necessary licenses: We assist you in the process of obtaining the necessary licenses to practice tourism activities, such as licenses issued by the Ministry of Tourism and other relevant ministries, from the stage of applying until the decision of the relevant authority is issued to accept or reject.
  • Dispute resolution and legal representation: We assist you in resolving disputes that may arise between tourism companies and individuals, such as disputes related to the quality of tourism services or non-compliance with contract terms. We also represent you legally in all stages of the dispute, supported by arguments, evidence, and documents necessary to protect your interests and achieve the best possible result.
  • Protection of the rights of the concerned parties: We provide all our legal services to all parties concerned with tourism regulations, such as tourists, tour operators, tourism activities, and tourist guides. This is in the case of accidents or injuries during tourism trips, for example.
    If you are a party to any tourism activity and need legal advice and support, we are here to serve you.
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