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Construction and Infrastructure

Construction law is the law that regulates construction operations, development, and maintenance of a country’s infrastructure. All projects must comply with technical standards, environmental, and health regulations specified under national laws and regulations. This ensures public safety, security, health, and the achievement of sustainable development. This law deals with issues related to buildings such as design, construction, operation, and maintenance.

Any project, regardless of whether it is industrial, residential, or commercial, inherently involves potential risks and challenges. All stakeholders involved in construction—whether owners, financiers, civil engineers, architects, consultants, contractors, or suppliers—need to understand how to manage and address these risks. In any construction project, you should consider three key factors: time, cost, and quality—with priorities varying depending on circumstances. The role of a construction lawyer is to understand the priority of each of these three considerations and ensure risk allocation under every construction contract takes into account all relevant factors, including current market conditions, project constraints, as well as the client’s interests and desires.

Our team of experienced attorneys is always ready to provide the necessary legal support through the following services:

Legal advice: Our team will apply their knowledge and experience to identify an appropriate risk allocation for your project. This will enable you to effectively manage potential risks and select strategies that suit your needs best.

Construction contracts: Our team provides all services related to construction contracts, such as preparation and precise legal drafting (including consulting contracts, construction contracts, design contracts, supply contracts, and project management contracts), in addition to reviewing and assessing contractual claims.

Licenses: If you want to construct, modify, or demolish any building or infrastructure, you must obtain a license from the relevant authorities before commencing work. We help with obtaining necessary licenses and provide detailed information in license applications, including site location, design, expected impact, and anticipated timeline according to schedule.

Legal representation: We provide necessary legal representation should any issues or disputes arise regarding your project. Our representation is supported by appropriate arguments, evidence, and documents to protect your interests and ensure your rights are upheld.

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